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Are You Looking to Jumpstart 2009 with Making Massive Money from the Options Market?

If Your Answer is “Yes!”... Read on.

Discover The Millionaire Trader’s Insider Secrets to Generate Outstanding Returns In 2 Hours A Day...
Even If You Are A Complete Newbie!

Imagine… Just A Few Simple Powerful Strategies
Can Make You
Financially Independent for the Rest of Your Life!


Tues, 10:08 am


Dear Member

If you have always wanted to create a lucrative second source of income from the stock market, I have good news for you!

Because on 10 Jan 2009 at Los Angeles, our chief trainer, Mirriam MacWilliams is going to show you LIVE how ANYONE, even a newbie, can use Options Trading to make money in 2 hours… regardless if the market is going up or heading down!

“What’s In It For Me”... You May Ask!

Well, if you were to ask me - I will tell you that this is probably the ONLY seminar that gives you THE BEST OF THE BEST of Mirriam’s strategies!

It gives you the opportunity to:

  • Generate outstanding returns in just 2 hours!

  • Find candidates to trade almost every trading day!

  • Trade this strategy regardless if market is calm or volatile!

This powerful strategy enables you to capture $2 profits per option in 2 hours, which means $200 profits per contract.

Say you invest 5 contracts… the reward will be US$1,000 profits a day!

Do this 2 to 3 times a week and see your bank account skyrocket!


How To Capitalize On The Ingenious Secrets
EXPOSED at this LIVE Event

And let me tell you, Mirriam will be holding nothing back. She will cover all details in plain language, so every aspect of her trading system is crystal clear. Here’s a quick look at some of the highlights at this powerful event:

Bring Your Laptop And Trade with Mirram LIVE!

Interested to see how Mirriam prepares for the market to open, how she finds candidates and analyzes their potential? 

When market opens on Monday, embark on a "treasure-hunting" trip with Mirriam to look for cool candidates to trade!

Let Mirriam take you by the hand to reveal step-by-step the EXACT techniques she used to generate massive profits from the stock market. Discover:
  • Intra-day strategies to capture $2 option profits on big mover stocks with high volatilities like POT, CME, GOOG in 2 hours’ time
  • How to make the SPY a consistent and profitable winner for you!
  • How to harness the power of your trading platform tools to calculate your risk reward in less than 5 seconds
  • The finer details to execute Mirriam's strategies
  • Money Management on how to protect your capital
  • Q&A sessions with Mirriam so that your burning questions are answered on the spot… promptly!


Mirriam's Detailed Course Notes
You get to bring home Mirriam's workbook so that you can review her strategies any time... at your convenience.

Mastermind Opportunities With Elite Traders
You will be part of an elite mastermind team that engage in more in-depth exchange of discussions and experiences.

We strongly encourage you to get to know your fellow members flying in from all parts of the world so that you can mastermind with one another in pursuing the common goal to financial freedom!




3 Months' Elite Traders Membership Worth $597.00


Private Access to Elite Traders Forum
Participate in the Elite Traders Forum where you get to share upcoming candidates, seek clarifications and make really cool profits together!

Weekly Audio Market Updates
Mirriam's regular Market Updates, packed full of trading ideas, market considerations and opportunities setting up for the week

Monthly Trading Newsletters
Case studies... Market Outlook... Potential trades... Here you gain the insights of a very experienced trader!

Monthly Coaching Calls
Coaching calls on the finer points of executing your strategies, follow by Q&A live!

Access to our customized stock filtering software based on Mirriam’s rules... you get potential candidates to trade almost everyday!

Email and Phone Support
Any trading questions? Get them replied promptly by our trading mentors.


Elite Traders Live! With Mirriam MacWilliams

Jan 10 to 12, 2009, Sat - Mon
9am to 5pm (Sat, Sun), 6am - 12pm (Mon)
Sheraton Gateway LAX Hotel,
Los Angeles, CA


Your Investment

Important: Acceptance of enrollment is subject to verification of participants' status.



Join The Elite Traders Today!

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Very limited seats...
We are expecting FULL HOUSE!



Still skeptical? I don’t blame you.

I know some of you are still skeptical and I don’t blame you. There are just too many get-rich quick overnight scams out there. You need to be vigilant.

So don’t take my word for it... Here are what some of our members have to say:


"Hi Mirriam and Aaron, I have attended the recent Singapore Retreat Seminar and would like to thank you again for the fantastic two days. Due to flights delays I came back to Melbourne late yesterday and could not put into test any of the strategies learnt.

I did it today and the one that came up was the Fading one with CLF – I bought only 2 contracts – as a learning caution – I went in at 11:35 pm  Melbourne time, and was out with $500 profit at 00:00 – fantastic! Short, sharp and just right. "

- Shaul Gilan, Australia



"US$2,710 profits – 9 wins and only 1 tiny US$70 loss in 1 week! What an incredible journey and having came out with huge profits when Wall Street was reeling under the financial crisis… I am now a truly confident trader."

- Jogesh Doshi, Singapore


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8 Success stories on ICE and BIDU in one night!

- Albert Seah, Chan Kelly, Jacqueline Wee, Mei Liew, Kelvin Tan, Eugene Low, Gwen Lee, Jogesh K Doshi


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6 Success stories on PCLN in one night!

- Gene Sugandy, Mei Liew, Eugene Low, Jogesh K Doshi, Kelvin Tan, Gwen Lee


If You Miss This Event, You Will Have To
Wait 1 Year Later…

I am not trying to play scarcity here.

It’s very true that Mirriam spends most of her time training in Asia. The last time we had a live event in the States was Oct 2007!

Since then, we have to turn away many folks who heard about us through their friends and relatives. They were keen to join our training program in the States but due to Mirriam’s heavy commitments in Asia, it was simply not possible!

So make sure you don’t miss out on this life-transforming and yet fun event, or you will have to wait 1 year later! You just cannot afford to procrastinate if you want to win the money game!

Want To Be An Unstoppable Money Magnet?
Do Something About It Today!

If learning how to make a passive income, even when you are asleep, is your financial goal.... then you absolutely need to reserve your seat!

Imagine… once you start to generate a consistent income from the markets, just like Mirriam, it will totally change your life and the way you live.

Stop wasting another moment, you owe it to yourself to transform your future… grab your seat today


To Your Freedom,

Edward Teh

P.S. Total seating at the live seminar is limited. I have only O seats left. If you snooze while others are rushing to register online, you might be locked out completely and there’s nothing I can do!

P.P.S. Make sure you are part of our success stories....





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